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The Kaiju

As the Kaiju you smash and eat your way through the city, collecting enough Radiation to fuel your growth.


When you smash the city's Districts, you shake loose enough radioactive material to gain new Mutations. Who leaves that stuff lying around? You also can chase Citizens out of safety so that you can eat some protein with your Radiation!

Each new Mutation you unlock gives you ways to assert your dominance.


You can digest your Radiation between Phases to develop tremendous Mutations. These Mutations offer you new passive traits and powerful actions. Many Mutations offer you a choice of power, because Kaiju define their own fates!

As the biggest monster around, you control the pace of the game!


Each of the 3 Phases will end once you complete your Objectives. Quick play can starve the Nation of precious resources, but sticking around can earn you extra Radiation. Make sure to win by ending Phase 3 before the Nation's Plans come to fruition!

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