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The Nation

The Nation is focused on tactical decisions and clever counterplay.


You are clever, but giant monsters are unpredictable. The Kaiju often destroy your city's Districts and try to kill your Citizens. React quickly and try to get ahead of the death and destruction!

You must build your Energy production and manage your Citizens well to have any hope of survival.


Energy is the lifeblood of the Nation and your Citizens are its heart and soul! You need plenty of Energy to Research Upgrades, Activate Districts, and use actions from your Upgrades. You can Specialize your Citizens to unlock special District actions, but only if they are in the right space. Making effective use of your limited actions is what separates humanity from monsters!

With a bit of tenacity, you can complete your Plan of Action to alter your victory conditions and send the Kaiju back where it belongs!

Even if the Kaiju seems unstoppable, your intelligence and strategizing can win the day. Developing Upgrades allows you to choose a Plan of Action and chart your course to victory. Plans may guide you to save your Citizens, build an army, or even defeat the Kaiju with strange science! Make sure to complete your Plan and save the Nation before the Kaiju can finish its rampage.

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