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Meet Team Badger!


CJ Trachta

CJ is the creative force behind Badger Brock. He has been running RPGs since 2009 and has been a DM/GM for hire since 2018. In 2019, he finally got BBS off the ground with help from a great team of friends!

He's probably off bouldering or writing adventures.

Come join us for the adventure!


Colin M

Colin is the chief editor and a solid sounding board. He has been the voice of reason that has ensured that things get done in a timely manner. If he's not pinning someone in a cross-guard, he's probably playing Borderlands 3 with his cats.


Jocelyn R

Jocelyn is the reason why we have any good concept art right now. She is rocking her science and making our vision into a reality that everyone can see. Jocelyn's love and support have also kept us going strong. She can often be found knitting and photographing her cat.


Daniel C

Daniel is master of playtesting! He takes the rough ideas and finds how to make them WORK! A game is only as good as it is fun, and Daniel has made sure that Titans has gotten better with every iteration. He's probably playing Divinity right now, or drafting CADs.


Armina M

Armina is one the best adventure writers that we know. Her analytical mind, creative thinking, and thoughtful support have been crucial to Badger Brock's growth.

Evan Headshot small.jpg

Evan T

Evan has been contributing to the website, story, and playtesting. Despite living in another state, he makes the time to help with Badger Brock and Titans.

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